Learn To Adjust Your Sails

Learn To Adjust Your Sails // TheSassySeamstress.com

There are a lot of ups and downs in the small business world.  Me?  I’m just on person, running this shop on my own.  I am both a sales person and backroom manager.  I’m both owner, and cashier.  The ups and downs can feel like a lot to take and are definitely overwhelming at times.

But the truth is, my business was not actually meant to be a full time job.  I had originally intended for it to be a hobby business to make extra money.  Life tends to have other plans for us at times and when I found myself wheelchair bound and unable to work, the Great Big Universe was screaming for my attention.


It was time to stop puttering around, sort of working on it, but sort of not.  It was time to focus and really see what I could do.  And an amazing thing happened…

My vision narrowed, my direction, my goals, all of it.  I suddenly had a more concrete plan, a more solid foot hold and it allowed me to find the products that I not only wanted to sell, but that people wanted to buy.  The wheelchair has been a mixed blessing, but one that I can’t discount gave me the push I needed to be The Sassy Seamstress.

So, sometimes life has ideas for you that would never have for yourself.  And sometimes, if you can just adjust your sails, your journey can be amazing.

It’s never too late to dream big friends.