How to Make Long Cuts of Vinyl on Your Silhouette Cameo

I made this incredibly fun project that I turned into a tutorial only to realize that you need to know this one crucial thing before you can do it.

Cutting extra long peices of vinyl is one of the big reasons I wanted a Silhouette Cameo to begin with. Being able to load a roll directly into the Machine and cut was a big turn on for me. But I was surprised at how few tutorials I could fine with pictures and easy to follow instructions, especially with Studio V3 out now. With so many things in ever so slightly different locations, I found some of the tutorials out of date, though helpful. 

So, here is how to cut super long pieces of vinyl on your Silhouette Cameo

 how to make long cuts of vinyle with your Silhouette Cameo 

First, open your Silhouette Software. It’s kind of a gimme, but I hate to assume.

 Your screen should look like my image below. 

Head to the right top toolbar area and look for the page with arrow symbols and select it.

That opens your “Design Page Settings” toolbox.


Once open, make sure you are in landscape view, not portrait, and then adjust the WIDTH of your page.  It can be as long as you want.  

You can choose to adjust the height or not. I personally don’t because it doesn’t really change much if your item is not 12 inches high.


Once set, your screen will adjust and look like my screen shot below. 

Don’t forget that this is best used for vinyl on a roll because you can cut that without a cutting mat. I honestly haven’t been able to think of another application so if you have one, I’d love to hear it!


You can now design and cut your project! 

I’ll link back to my mystery tutorial when it goes live.

What kind of projects would you create with this technique?