How to Maximize Your Affiliate Income

How to Maximize Your Affiliate Income //

The Sassy Seamstress recently opened up an affiliate program in hopes of reaching a broader audience.  Initially it was by invitation only, as I was testing out not only the idea, but the affiliate program I am using to track sales and referrals.  The software is awesome.  And by software, I mean the pretty stinking awesome WordPress plugin Affiliates.  

I sent out an email to some bloggers that I personally follow and got a great response.  However, I got an equal number of, “Uhm, I’m not really sure what to do with affiliate links…”  Which got me thinking.  What are the best ways to market that you are an affiliate with someplace without it being too spammy?  That’s a tricky endeavor.  If you are too subtle and simply put a link in your sidebar, you aren’t likely to get much income.  Sidebar ads are notoriously low income generators and, while they look nice, they are rarely the big money makers on websites.

But if the sidebar ad isn’t going to do it, what will? The awesome thing about TSS Affiliate Program is that it’s one link, given to you, and it counts for EVERTHING.  And the link is good for one week after the initial click.  That means that anyone who clicks on your link has SEVEN days to buy something for you to still get the credit!  This makes using this link incredibly easy to generate income!

PIllowStarWars2ResizeYou can simply tweet about your favorite product (don’t forget FTC rules!  Put that “#ad” in there) and send people to TSS to browse some fun gifts.  Valentines Day coming soon?  Why not post your affiliate link on your Facebook fan page and rave about the Star Wars I Love You I Know Pillows as a great gift for the special someone who also has a great sense of humor.  There are so many ways you can go about sharing your link without being pushy and still generate some great sales!

It doesn’t have to be sponsored posts or shoving a product in someone’s face.  But a few intext links, tweets or Facebook posts a week can be done without spamming your lovely followers while still getting your link out there.  And seven days is a long time!  That gives your followers plenty of time to hym and haw over and item and you still get the credit.


** What to learn more about TSS Affiliate program and become an affiliate yourself?  CLICK HERE!